Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Monday, 13 July 2015

Congratulations the Friday Group is Open to New Participants

Last week marked the one year anniversary of me running a weekly Friday night session at the Tree of Life Centre in Hove.  I want to celebrate this group and all the lovely people who have attend over the year, whether came once or twice or you are one of the wonderful regular dancers -each and every person added something unique to our joint experience.

The Tree of Life Studio is such a gorgeous place to dance it has a safe and comfortable atmosphere which enables participants to be confident and creative in their individual expression and authentic interaction.

Although each week the class can feel very different I am also following the tried and tested Vital Development system that is taught all over the world.  
  • First, we dance to energising, joyful music to release stress, come into the body and the present moment.
  • Second, we play with creative expression and embody a wide range of postive feelings.
  • Third,  we slow down and become more aware of our internal world.
  • Fourth, we incorporate gentle, sensitive healing touch.
  • Lastly,  relax into the heart and allow our well-being and happiness to expand.                         
These sessions are suitable for beginners, you do NOT need to be a good dancer, simply ready to enjoy a fun, uplifting and empowering evening.

Please contact Helen on 077927 63106 if you have any questions.

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