Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Monday, 10 August 2015

The First in a NEW series of Videos - sharing how the exercises of Vital Development can improve your health and happiness.

An exercise to de-stress, stop worrying and help you sleep.

Our culture promotes rational, logical thought as the "best" way to function in our society. We prize success in intellectual education and "hard-nosed business".  If we have a problem we right lists and weigh up the pros and cons.  This lifestyle often leaves us feeling pressurised, stressed, worried and unable to sleep soundly at night.

However, there is another way to be that is more relaxed, accepting and peaceful.  One way towards living like this is to be more embodied.  This means being more aware and focused on the feelings in our body, basing decisions on instincts, intuition and  gut reactions rather than trying to work in all out and "get it right"!
If this seems like a good idea but difficult to achieve Vital Danza can help Each class is carefully designed so that you can release the tension in your body, have fun, feel more joyful and then deeply relax in a supportive and caring environment.  

Here I wish to share with you just one of the many exercises that I know will help you de-stress, stop worrying and get better sleep.

Music to use for this exercise is: Oh My Love -John Lennon, Common Threads - Bobby Mc Ferrin,  Let the Earth be Strong - Helen Glavin

Of course,  Vital Danza is designed to be practised in a group setting. The facilitator will carefully plan a unique sequence of exercises for each class to enable the best experience for each participate. Do join me any Friday at 8.15pm at the Tree of Life Centre.  Or Tuesdays from 8th September at 2pm at the Yoga Garden.

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