Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Monday, 4 May 2015

One Year On...

One year ago I decided to make a commitment to myself and my passion.  I had been teaching Vital Development for four years. I was really enjoying the experience of sharing this wonderful  liberating  practice and whilst it was the activity in my life that held the most meaning it was not my main focus. I "fitted" the sessions around the rest of my life.

This time last year I was invited to co-lead a retreat with Ann-Marie Marchant, who supports people on their journey to self-actualization, and who really appreciates the healing potential that Vital Development offers and enjoys the fun, creative and loving way that it achieves this result.

This invitation got me thinking about my priorities and purpose and gave me the encouragement to take that leap of faith and give full attention to consciously creating the life that I wish to live. I gave up my office job and began to spend time feeling into what I wanted to bring to the  world.  

The last year has been a beautiful, organic unfolding.  Times of great excitement and inspiration and times of deep self-inquiry and uncertainty.  Many wonderful people have helped and encouraged my on this adventure, providing emotional, moral and/or financial support.

I really feel to celebrate this anniversary.  One of my past patterns was to "self-sabotage" and not step fully into the abundance and greatness that is possible.  I have now unraveled and removed that habit and the story behind it that I didn't deserve the best of success. 

I am now committing to myself 100%,  saying YES to all that is available to me and continuing to enjoy the unfolding of my joyful life as I decide not to be distracted by doubt or feelings of lack of self-worth.

Sharing the powerful practice of Vital Development with a wide range of participates is my passion,  I work regularly with the elderly and people with learning disabilities alongside my regular weekly groups and as part of Vital Attraction.   I see this now as my life's work.

I hope to share the magic with you soon :

On 23rd May you  are invited to the Vital Attraction 1st Birthday Party.... All details are here.

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