Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Spiral Dances of Re-birthing with Patricia Martello, Marcelo Di Matteo & Helen.
8th March - 12 - 4.30pm

Many regular participants of Vital Danza experience profound personal development and transformation as they explore and express more of themselves with this practice.  On the 8th March we have a wonderful opportunity to increase the harmony in our body, mind and spirit. As we are guided through ceremonies and dances that open us up to the power within that creates new possibilities in our life. This afternoon will lead you on a journey to let go of the unhelpful and limiting feelings in your heart and feel a warm and infinite state of inner peace and existential grace. 

Sharing an Experience of a Dance of Re-birth for my Training Diary

Patricia began to introduce an exercise of re-birthing ritual, I felt excited and intrigued , she called my name and asked me if I was ready, I felt completely ready. 

I had a sense that I was leading the way and that I was carrying everyone with me.  At that time feeling that I had to totally enter and surrender to the experience, as I wanted everyone to feel that this was a beautiful and safe journey.

However, as soon as the gentle loving hands began to touch and caress me I completely lost all rational and logical thought.  

It was as though I was being soothed and hypnotised by a sea of love and nourishment.  As though my ‘old’ self was literally being washed away. I felt surrounded by positive attention and intention.  I experienced a profound letting go of physical holding and also a dissolving of ego and identity. I felt as though I was melting into the careesses, slowly merging into all humanity and gradually falling into an expansive consciousness.

As I was lifted there was no longer a distinction between you and other, rather there was a oneness.  I totally lost myself in space and time, I was in a cradle of life and love.
As I turned I imagined I was floating in air on a pillow of clouds.  I don’t know if I was high or low, I was weightless.  I trusted totally in the support of one force, one body, and one unified entity.

 Being placed back on the earth I released a final sigh of letting go.  I was at peace, at one time completely empty and yet utterly full.  I lacked nothing I was content… and not alone.  The heartbeat of life pulsed into my hand as if calling me into existence again. This beat of life was awakening my heart and soul.  Then to be received so fully into the arms of another, as though in the most magical dream – it was extreme pleasure, extreme wonderment.

As I was passed from one divine presence to another I met the archetypal mother, father, brother, sister, friend, lover, protector.  I met softness, joy, caring, passion, strength, warmth, compassion, courage, generosity and celebration – I continued to surrender and absorb the glorious gifts you gave me.

As my journey of rebirth came to an end, and I was guided to stand up, I experienced a moment of hesitation.  I had been to heaven and encountered angels, I was nervous that opening my eyes would break this blissful dream.

However, the midwife (Patricia) gave me the encouragement and confidence to open my eyes and to see meet the loving gazes of angels embodied on this earth.  As I connected with each one of you my faith in the beauty of mankind was rekindled.  Thank-you all so much for the reflected love, positively and divinity.  Thank-you for the transformation and healing you facilitated in me.


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