Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Walking Warm up

At the beginning of nearly every Vital Danza session you will be asked to walk.  On the surface this is seems a very simple exercise, however, depending on the instructions and the music any number of different experiences can be evoked. From the pleasure of integrating as much of our body as possible into the walk to the enthusiastic joy of stepping into the next moment of our life free form the past.

Principally the walking provides an opportunity for us to warm up, both physically and emotionally. Feeling the rhythm of the music, feeling our feet connected to the floor, bringing attention the the body and arriving into the here and now. Vital Danza is all about feeling and awaking to more sensation of aliveness. Walking is great as everyone can do it, as always it is the each individuals expression of there natural movement to the music that counts: YOU CAN'T GET IT WRONG!

As we are invited to walk with a partner we begin to open up to the other members of the group. Over time we will gain the confidence and the ability to connect quickly and easily with different people, learning to co-ordinate and harmonise our rhythmic way of walking with theirs. Gently holding hands we begin to explore human touch, human connection, in a safe way -  planting the seed of the possibility of more physical contact later. Changing partners in interaction in a joyful, light-hearted way with many members of the group. Experiencing the different qualities each person brings and gradually building group cohesion.

Do come along any Friday at the Tree of Life Centre 143 Portland Road Hove 8.15-10pm to join in the fun.

Practise walking your own walk with more joy, more energy, more comfort and more conviction. 

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