Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Breathing Dance

For me the Breathing Dance is one of the most fundamental exercises in the Vital Danza system.  You are likely to be introduced to it in a beginners class, yet once we learn to really enter deeply into the experience it can be one of the most profound dances available to even the most experienced participant.

The dance is done in extreme slow motion, we allow our natural, organic breathing to initiate the physical movement. Legs are slightly apart, knees relaxed, the chest open and then motivated by the feeling of the music our arms extend out and upwards in parallel.   

It is as if we are flying, intoxicated by our feeling of lightness and freedom. This dance invites us to go inwards, touching and increasing any awareness of peace we have. The experience is nourishing, relaxing and uplifting. We have a sense of elevation. Moving beyond the alert, awake state and gently surrendering into a more spacious, timeless reality.

From a facilitators point of view this dance is a gift as it can be used with a number of intentions. Practically it is a wonderful way to bridge, or transition, from the more vital and energetic dances; as it supports participants to slow down, rest and integrate everything they have already experienced in the session.  It is soothing and balancing, therefore providing an opportunity for heartbeats and emotions to settle.

If you'd like to have a go at doing the dance at home try closing your eyes and letting go to this track. Angel by Enya.  I guaranty it will take you into another world. 

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