Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Vital Intentions

There are as many ways to describe the Vital Danza Experience as there are individuals who attend a class.  Each participant arrives in a different physical and emotional state. My aim, as a facilitator,  is provide a harmonious space where everyone feels able to relax and unwind.

During fun, energetic and, at times, interactive dances we release our physical tension and come more into our body and the present moment. With an emphasis on increasing and expressing joyful feelings, Vital Danza is a powerful way to improve our mood, on the day of the class and, with regular practice, through out our everyday life.

The second half of the class is physically less demanding and much slower, however, this is where the magic really takes place.  The carefully designed dances of breathing, stretching, connecting to the earth, fluidity and tuning into our inner world support us to develop self-confidence and self-acceptance; allowing us to  experience a sense of increased comfort and ease.

Very simply my intention is to bring a little more health and happiness into people's lives.  Each week I see participants leave my session more relaxed and energised, feeling positive and uplifted. What a great job!!!

This is a video of an experienced group of dancers, really relaxing into the pleasure of the dance. I always work in response to the group, my Friday night class at the Tree of Life Centre, Hove is open to everyone. The Vital Danza system has a repertoire of over 120 exercises so, depending on the theme and the group the class will look, and more importantly FEEL very different to this.  If you are interested to experience the benefits for yourself simple arrive around 8.10pm.  I guarantee you will receive a warm welcome.

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