Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Alternative Friday Night Out

Whether you have a 9-5 job or your work life is more varied Friday night is still traditionally the time to go out, let your hair down and have fun; expressing those parts of yourself that your working role may not allow.

The Tree of Life Natural Health Centre in Hove, is delighted to be offering a healthy and uplifting alternative to the Friday trip to the pub. The invitation is to start your weekend in the joyful and positive environment of a Vital Danza - The Dance of Life class.

Helen Thatcher, the facilitator, is warm, open-hearted and intuitive. She will guide you through a range of dances and movement meditations that will increase your vitality and leave you feeling relaxed and energised. 

What better way to start the weekend?

Tree of Life   for more details. 

143 Portland Road, Hove. 8-10pm £10.

Vital Danza is a dance-based practice. It is light-hearted, interactive and gently transformative. Through a series of specially chosen exercises participants explore, express and embody emotions. It supports an integration of body, mind and soul. We learn to trust our own natural movement, relate to other dancers authentically and connect with a greater sense of wholeness to ourself.

In very simple terms Vital Danza brings an extra well-being and happiness to life,
Sessions are professionally guided and suitable for anyone regardless of experience. There are no steps to learn, simply the opportunity to feel alive and uplifted.
Helen is a warm and welcoming facilitator, with over 13 years experience of running groups. She is very motivating and has a positive, humorous approach and her sessions are relaxed and enjoyable.

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