Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Discovering Your True Inner Dancer

Are you naturally living uninhibited, happy, boppy, fun and full of energy and vitality like the JIVE?
Do you long to unleash you LATIN-SIDE: smoulder-y, intense, passionate, sensual and alive with feeling?
Is it easy for you to let go of stress and flow beautifully in life, gliding effortlessly like the WALTZ?

It's Strictly Come Dancing Season on the TV and for many of us it is our "guilty pleasure". We dance around our lounges, engrossed in the razzmatazz of  the Strictly Vibe, loving the different mood of each dance.

For me there is a wonderful link between the feel good BBC programme and the tranformational power of the Vital Development system.  Both take people on a journey and both focus exclusively on uplifting those involved.

Dancing is truly a quick and easy way to improve your life and with Vital Development there is no stress about learning any steps - so even better!!!

Isabella Florshutz and I are collaborating to offer a special workshop on Saturday 24th October "Vital Danza Meets Strictly Come Dancing."  We are both huge fans of the show, loving the glamour and beauty of it all. We'd love to help you feel like a celebrating for a few hours.  For all the details click HERE

To find out more about your true inner dancer and how to expand your repertoire come and take a short quiz with me at The Starting Over well-being show at Emerson College Wednesday 21st October.  I have vouchers for half price entrance so drop me an email if you'd like to come along for half price and experience all the other free taster available to you.



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