Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Some Vital Development Theory Based on my Personal Experience

My Vital Development journey has been a key feature in my process of “growing up”.  I define this as my ability to access more fully in the “adult” part of my personality, where I feel empowered and responsible for my own actions and emotions.  It is a place where I feel that many childhood wounds have been healed, so that I can more easily respond to current situations without projection from past hurts. I believe this is one of the essential theoretical motivations of the Vital Development system, to heal our inner child through love using the methods of regression and re-parenting. 

Each time we are lead into a state of regression during a session we are in an open state of being where we are able to re-imprint positive experiences of love, acceptance and care thus transmitting a message of empowerment that allows us to gradually reach our true human potential.  The potential that we were born with but that becomes blocked due to negative factors in our environment colouring our experience of ourselves and the world around us.

Even in the womb negative “inputs” can affect the character/identity of an individual.  We can all understand that the food or chemicals that a mother consumes will affect an unborn child’s physical health and research also suggests that the mental health and emotional attitude of the parents has a direct impact on the child’s state of mind.

Continuing at birth the aspects of our identity gradually unfold. If we are nourished with love and acceptance and encouraged to blossom we will develop a full, well rounded character. 
However, whether this happens depends on the stimuli we receive.  It is possible for our potential to be stunted, or blocked. These negative factors may be very traumatic (for example physical/sexual abuse) or they may be more subtle, however, they all create a block in the healthy growth of different parts of our identity.

The Vital Development system aims to integrate, or heal all aspects of our personality or identity and incorporates exercises to release and heal the blocks in each line of development: put simply we encourage and provide opportunities for individuals to feel and express the healthy, fully realised parts of themselves.  We allow them to shine.

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