Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Four Levels of Connection to Life in the Vital Development System

Each class provides a set of exercises which allow the participants to explore four levels of connection to life, through love.

Level Two – Connection to the Other

This is the opportunity to discover how we can relate, connect and communicate authentically with the other in the here and now.

The exercises in two encourage the exchange of respect between the participants.  Through bringing our focus into the present moment we can give each other the safe container of our full attention, which enables our partner to open their heart and explore the possibility of an intense, yet harmonious human interaction.  We explore together the practice of bringing physical and spiritual presence to the present moment, which opens up a channel to the felt-sense of a cosmic communication with the eternity of life. 

The Vital Danza model divides our physical and emotional development into five lines: vitality, sensuality, creativity, love and spirituality. Within each line exists sets of exercises for pairs designed to stimulate experiences that allow a flow of positive energy and connection between the participants. For example exercises of expressing affection expressing affection in twos aim to redress the balance of giving and receiving care and nourishment with relationship. We are given an opportunity to rehearse a method of affectionate, joyful and sincere communication in a structured and contained way free from the fears of rejection and the baggage of our everyday life.   The intention is that these embodied sense-felt experiences in the session help us to re-programme our relationship patterns and the impact is that we find our daily life relationships become more sincere, affectionate and enjoyable.

At this stage participants need to be encouraged by the facilitator that they have the power to say no to any interaction or encounter that they are not comfortable with by informing their partner.  Each person should take responsibility for their own experience.  At the same time we are teaching a method of sensitivity and care for the other, encouraging awareness of those around us. As we approach a new partner, entering their energy field participants can learn how to tune into the mood and needs of each other. In this dialogue comes the healing of our daily relationships outside of the session.

As we experiment and explore with these new ways of exchange and communication by participating regularly in a group our rigidities gradually melt away.  Progressively, according to each person’s disposition, we become more comfortable with the giving and receiving the natural flow of human emotions.  We are able to response from our heart in a spontaneous manner as we discover a more poetic expression of our needs and wishes through a language in movement.

This can therefore be a turning point for some members of the group in how they connect with members of their families and friends. All of this is achieved in an atmosphere where respecting boundaries, loving communication and relationship in feedback is of the up-most importance.

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