Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Four Levels of Connection to Life in the Vital Development System

Each class provides a set of exercises which allow the participants to explore four levels of connection to life, through love.

Level One: Connection with oneself

Connection with oneself is defined as connection with our own personal, organic, instinctive and intimate inner world. 

In order to access this inner world participants are introduced to exercises where they dance on their own, so they can experience the music within their own bodies, and then express how it makes them feel. Rather than dance to the music they are encouraged to “feel the music and allow it to move them.”   This set of exercises includes opportunities to walk with determination or joy, to create a circle of light protect and to feel our boundaries and to experience moving at different velocities and with different nuances: for example to discover our personal expression of yin and yang in movement.

The individual exercises of “connection with oneself” enable participants to increase self-acceptance and develop a deep sense of self-esteem. The exercises will support a growth in body awareness and the ability to listen to your own body, they provide space to slow down and listen to your heart and a chance to release negative beliefs about yourself and others. Through this process of releasing and letting go of stuck emotional energy participants access a freedom of movement and incorporate an extended and more harmonious range of physical expression. This is turn creates and corresponds to a feeling of “free spirit in the soul”; an ability to express a wider range of emotions in a more balanced way.

This first level of connection is very important to reinforce the link between what we feel and what we do. Dancing emotions allows us to realign ourselves with our instincts, thereby aiding an integration of body and mind.  In modern society with often have to control our instincts and not act based on our feelings. Due to external demands we may be in a situation that does not allow us to express our feelings and we may be “out of touch” with our own organic reality.

Through embodying music and experiencing the freedom to express of a range of sensations we relearn the language of our body and strengthen our connection with ourself.

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