Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Monthly Vital Attraction Workshops

I am delighted to be offering monthly ‘Vital Attraction’ workshop with a wonderful uplifter, Ann-Marie Marchant at the Cowshed Studios near Steyning.

The premise of our work is to utilize the law of attraction teachings and embody them through movement and specific exercises from the medium of vital danza. 
The feedback and transformation we witnessed on our recent retreat was amazing and our greatest joy is to help people come home to who truly really are: to shine their light.
Our desire is to create a safe and loving space in which to explore the dance of life and help participants to question their thinking, limited belief systems and start to step forward into the reality they wish to create.

We will be using ‘grid work’ and vital danza movement to focus and embody what we do want and as we start to feel our energy shift into a uplifting and empowering state, the universe responds and starts to deliver a matching vibration. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

 The timetable is as follows:

·         Sunday 22nd June – The art of allowing – giving and receiving in equal measure without any conditions or strings attached. How to open yours heart and say ‘YES’! No more playing small ….
·         Sunday 20th July –  LOVE  and taking responsibility creating a body, mind and soul that sings its song without apology. Learning to truly be you!
·         Sunday 21st September – Healthy Relationships. Relationships can bring us our greatest joy and our greatest pain. Whether it is with a partner, child, parent, friend, sibling, work colleague or a stranger you can learn to create loving, open, intimate and truthful connections.
·         Sunday 19th October – Abundance in all areas of our lives. Learning where we limit ourselves and our inherited lack and then stepping into the flow of infinite richness.

The sessions will be from 2.30 pm till 7.30pm at the price of £45 and will be an opportunity to invest in you and be part of a community of healthy, open, fun, creative and loving souls.

Come join the dance of life and feel your spirit soar and fly beyond all your imaginings, to a place of total acceptance and freedom!

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