Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Friday, 6 December 2013

 The Meaning and Importance of the Group in Vital Danza:  These words are based on those written by Patricia Martello, the developer of Vital Danza.

The members of the group provide a place where we can belong in order to explore our full human sensitive, creative and affectionate potential, to discover hidden talents and to integrate body mind and soul.

The group offers a place to grow, expand and explore our own personal development.  Within the group we experience exchanges with different participants in vital, creative, affectionate and spiritual exercises, thus opening us to the possibility of mutual growth and development.
The members of the group allow us to feel our boundaries and one’s own limit as well as to be close to others by affinity, intuition and a natural love connection. For me the group has double function on one hand it makes us feel unique and on the other hand it makes us feel one with all.

The next step within the group evolution is for the members to integrate and to reach a familiarity with each other so that a confidence and trust develop and each member feels comfortable and safe enough  to express fully their  our feelings of joy, wellbeing, intimacy, sensuality, courage, freedom, love, tenderness, passion and spirituality among other, emotionally healthy individuals.

Above all the group gives us a new opportunity to become the best possible human being where we can incarnate creative and spiritual universal love in action.

Dances within a regular group combine the ancient universal language of celebration, rituals, ceremonies and allow us to express our uniqueness the language of our body with subtle musical tones inspires us to be part of the musical cosmic orchestra. 

The experiences we have inside the class impact greatly on the relationships we have and build outside of the class with our friends, family, work colleagues and members of our community - in every situation of life.

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