Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Sunday, 20 October 2013

"Hugs - The Magic Ingredient of Vital Danza - are the Universal Medicine
Our body constantly receives information of physical contact, throughout our life it stores a memory of these experiences and we develop an embodied data base of messages about touch.
Unfortunately, not all of these messages are positive, as children we may experience contact that does not nourish us or as adults we may lack touch in our lives. This can lead to a sense of detachment from our body and becoming "out of touch" with life as we learn to think rather than feel what is going on for us.
We all need nurturing touch, in fact there are studies that suggest if babies have all the basic needs of life (shelter, heat, food, water) but are not held and cuddled they fail to develop normally, but where can we, as adults, enjoy the magic of an affectionate embrace - no strings attached!
Vital Danza offers an opportunity to share this need for human connection. Vital Development is a system of dance, movement and meditation - a repertoire of exercises and techniques that utilise contact, touch and caresses. These exercises are powerful tools of re-parenting, repairing wounds and function as a preventative medicine; keeping us healthy. Within a session the facilitator will carefully select a sequence of exercises designed to re-educate the participants in the language of caresses.
Caresses improve our self-image, self-respect and self-confidence. On a biological level caresses help the whole body to relax, allowing it to be in a state of self-healing, stabilising and rebalancing. Gentle, kind touch produces a chemical effect on the brain decreasing anxiety and creating mood enhancement. To caress our self or another is to touch with care; it carries with it an intention to nourish and transmits a feeling of loving acceptance.
This is the ingredient that we need in life to add enjoyment, healing and magic.

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