Opening Circle

Opening Circle

Friday, 28 June 2013

My Life to Dance - A Short Biography

As a child dance was natural, enjoyable, fun, it was “easy” and I had very few inhibitions. Movement was a way of expressing “being alive”.

As a teenager I became slightly more self-conscious but still liked dancing at parties, however, I very clearly remember an event around my 21st birthday when I stopped dancing.  I just stopped trusting my body.  It seemed that the creative, expressive authentic and free manner in which I naturally danced just didn’t flow.

It wasn’t until years later when I was living in a Buddhist community in Brighton that dance as a form of personal expression and healing/personal development gradually became an integral part of my life.

A friend took me to a movement class and a spark of interest was ignited…. I loved it. Here was a community of adults dancing freely, expressing themselves to music.
Allowing, releasing, flowing, feeling, connecting, being moved, shaking, supporting and growing. I loved it, it felt radical, uplifting and strengthening, empowering.  I felt moved. I attended regularly for a while and there was an awakening in me… Dance can be a spiritual practice. 
A year later I came across Patricia, Marcelo, Vital Danza and a deeper sense of coming home. Here the dance was embedded in a sweet atmosphere of love, the focus of creating tender connections between myself and others.  I felt like a child again dancing freely and being nurtured to grow, develop and shine.

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